Plasma Therapy

  • Molecule - Human Normal Albumin IP 20%
  • SKUs - Human Normal Albumin IP 20%
  • Indications & Usage - Hypoalbuminemia, Nephrotic Syndrome, Peritoneal Dialysis, Nephrosis
  • Dosage & administration - General Recommendations:
    • Human Normal Albumin 20% solution must be administered intravenously, the total dosage will vary with the individual.
    • This solution may be administered directly by intravenous route or combined with other isotonic solutions (e.g. 0.9% sodium chloride).
    • The addition of four volumes of normal saline to one volume of Human Normal Albumin IP 20% gives a solution which is approximately isotonic and isosmotic with citrated plasma. Albumin solutions should not be mixed with protein hydrolysates or solutions containing alcohol.
    • In adults, an initial infusion of 100 ml is suggested. Additional amounts may be administered as clinically indicated.
    • In the patient with a slightly low or normal blood volume, the rate of administration should be 1 ml per minute.