Concord is providing Contract Research & Manufacturing services in the area of fermentation and semi-synthesis products.

The R&D facility is certified by DSIR (Department of Science & Industrial Research) INDIA. It comprises of three divisions:

R&D Fermentation

It is equipped with facility for isolation of strain, mutation & passive selection of microbial strains; shake flask facility for strain improvement, laboratory fermenters and pilot plant facility for scale-up of fermentation process. Contract research and manufacturing services in the area of fermentation are as below:

  • Strain Improvement program to significantly increase the titer of the target product and/or improve its impurity profiling.
  • Media Optimization: Use of cost effective locally sourced media of Client to increase the overall process productivity
  • Process Development by optimizing the process control during process scale up to have an efficient high throughput that is also cost effective.
  • Process Scale-up from shake flask to Pilot and Commercial scale
  • Development of optimized biotransformation processes.
  • Continuous process improvement

R&D has state of the art facility for extraction, isolation and purification of product from upstream (fermentation) process. The facility is having a scaled down version of all the major equipment at plant, thus giving high flexibility during process scale up. R&D facility is equipped with all essential equipment for complex organic synthesis chemistry. Some of the major equipment are various filtration units like Micro filtration, Ultra filtration and Nano filtration, Open column chromatography, and filtration systems.

Some of the major activities at Chemical R&D are:

  • Development of Downstream process to support upstream process.
  • Process optimization and scale up of processes from R&D to pilot and commercial.
  • Continuous process improvement to improve the overall process yield and have a cost effective process.

The analytical laboratory carries out the following operations:

  • Synthesis, Isolation and characterization of process impurities.

The Competitive advantages of having Concord as a CRAM partner:

  • Experience with diverse strain like Actinomycetes, Streptomycetes, Bacteria, Fungi, E.coli etc. as well as numerous biocatalyst classes.
  • Strong expertise in manufacturing of niche complex biotechnology products.
  • Necessary infrastructure to scale up process from R&D to pilot and commercial.
  • The research team comprises of senior scientists with Ph.D., Microbiologists & Biotechnologists who have rich experience in the field of Biotechnology and its downstream process ensuring that the project is completed in a time bound manner.
  • Dedicated teams for projects.
  • R&D well supported by analytical and regulatory support.
  • Competitive pricing

Our competitive advantages and expertise in Microbial Fermentation, Chromatographic Purification, Semi-synthetic chemistry, makes us Partner of Choice for leading Biopharma companies for CRAM (Contract Research & Manufacturing) opportunities in the area of new Fermentation & Semi-Synthetic NCEs/ Small Molecules.