Create products through Biotechnology route and Service offering that enrich the lives of people by continually building on our expertise in Biotechnology.


We strive to be a global power in the field of Biotechnology based products through research and development to create sustainable earnings growth and to establish long term business success. We continue to reinforce our commitment to safety, health and environment. We endeavor for an environment where creativity and effectiveness are encouraged with the technologies for the niche market.

    • Innovation of processes, research, developing newer concepts & adopting newer technologies is hallmark of our work culture across different business lineages in pursuit of long term success.

    • Attaining business excellence from research to final product delivery is a work practice at Concord Biotech leveraging team work across functions as well as cross functionally in a time bound manner.

    • Integrity is indispensable to our mission. We act with honesty and adhere to the highest standards of moral and ethical values and principles through our personal and professional behavior.

    • A strong unquestionable commitment towards assigned tasks and goals with solution finding work culture which builds the image of a responsible & dependable corporate.We perform our duties across all functions with exemplary moral responsibility and unwavering accountability.

    • Maintaining world class quality management system& processes building highest standards fulfilling the expectations of customers & improving their quality of life with undiluted confidence in the effectiveness and efficiency of our final products.

    • At Concord Biotech , work discipline is the way of life and constituteresult orientation in all actions displayed individually and collectively as a team.

    • We recognize the feeling of sensitivity, compassion and kindness towards our people, business associates,as well as the society at large and always exhibit unconditional dedication towards social welfare as the priority by converting state of the art technology into global quality products at most affordable prices above economic interest.