R&D –Chemical:

Concord has a state of the art Chemical R&D facility for extraction, isolation and purification of product from upstream (fermentation) process. The facility is having a scaled down version of all the major equipments at plant, thus giving high flexibility during process scale up. R&D facility is equipped with all essential equipments for complex organic synthesis chemistry. Some of the major equipments are various filtration units like Micro filtration, Ultra filtration and Nano filtration, SS-316 reactors, Rotavapour, Hydrogenater, Preparative HPCL, Open column chromatography, Flash chromatography, various drying and filtration systems.

Some of the activities undertaken at R&D are:

  • Development of Downstream process for new API’s and Intermediates, which Concord intends to commercialize within defined timelines.
  • Process optimization and scale up of processes from R&D to pilot and commercial.
  • Continuous process improvement to improve the overall process yield and have a cost effective process.
  • Development of non-infringing processes to support P-IV product launch.
  • Undertaking Contract Research & Manufacturing projects and ensuring its timely completion.